I’ve been into doing both analyses and translations on WIXOSS (anime and tcg) recently so I have made a separate WIXOSS blog to keep my art blog clean. 

I’ve deleted my previous theory posts so if you want to find them, please go to enerphase

If anyone followed me for my selector infected thoughts you have no obligation to keep following my art blog - I don’t mind at all if you choose to unfollow this blog.  

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Hello friends! I’m going to keep the intro here short. I’m a non-binary college student going to school in Portland, Oregon. Because of some mental health problems and the toxicity of my home situation, I made a somewhat last minute decision to stay in Portland for the summer. I have a place to stay and a job starting in late June, but that means I have a full month of rent & expenses to pay before I have a stable income. I also need to buy a new laptop, so all in all, I could really use some money. That’s why I’m opening up commissions!

  • I’m accepting payments through PayPal. Email me at belchle@reed.edu with your requests & we can work things out from there.
  • Things that I won’t draw: sexualized minors, anything consensually dubious, or fanart of independent online works, unless you get author permission.
  • More examples of my work can be found here or in my (hiatused) webcomic, although the example above is the level of quality you can expect to see.
  • I love original characters, just make sure to provide references!
  • I also have a donate button on my blog if you want to send a little cash my way. I would be forever grateful.

Reblogs of this post would be super helpful. Thanks, friends. <3

A few weeks ago I did an order with vectorsellsstuff for some Pretty Cure keychains from the real PreCure store. I’ve never really used a proxy service, but I have to say buying through them was a really pleasant experience! Everyone I chatted with were both nice and quick to answer questions. When they couldn’t get a few of the keychains I wanted, they refunded me. The package arrived timely and safely and was well packed (in a Pokemon Center bag!)

All in all: 10/10, my happiness is charged.